Mysteries of Greece & Rome-Europe to the Max: Hidden Treasures

Take a grand tour of the Old World with public radio's original Savvy Traveler, Rudy Maxa, host of the award-winning American Public Television series, Smart Travels, and contributing editor to National Geographic Traveler magazine. This DVD includes visits to:

Athens and Delphi - Following a tour of Athens' historic sites, take a pilgrimage to the famed Oracle of Delphi and visit a beautiful medieval monastery. On the Peloponnesian Peninsula, scope out Nafplion's charming port, and visit the epic ruins of King Agamemnon in the ancient capital of Mycenae.

Greek Islands - Go island hopping on the Aegean! On the sun-drenched island of Santorini, discover a city frozen in time by a volcano's eruption 3,600 years ago. Catch some R&R on trendy Mykonos, and then head to sacred Delos, an uninhabited island covered with ancient ruins.

Out of Rome - Explore the environs of Rome by way of the Appian Way. First, experience the majesty of Emperor Hadrian's villa and lakes of the Alban Hills. Next, head south to the ancient seaport of Ostia. Along the way, sample olive oil, stop at a medieval hilltop town and enjoy a retreat fit for an emperor at a five-star villa.

Classical Europe - Ancient Greek and Roman remnants are more than cold stone. They hold centuries of stories. Revisit favorite classical sites around the Mediterranean, including Athens, Delphi, Delos, Paestum, Syracuse, Pompeii, Rome, and Provence.

Extra Features:

  • Rudy's Travel Tips - E-tickets, in-flight email, looking for festivals.
  • Fascinating Side Trips - Music videos: Athens and Delphi, Greek Islands' traditional Italian street music, and more.

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