South Africa

Of Note: The South African Safari episode won a regional Emmy in 2011!

Three half-hour shows featuring:

Program 1: Safari - An adventurous safari is a wonderful way to visit the country. Get up-close and personal with lions, giraffes, elephants, and dozens of other animals in their natural habitats.

Program 2: Garden Route and Wine Country - Cape Town is a nexus of cultures in a setting so stunning, it is called the "new California" or "Africa's Riviera." Where else in the world can you wake up in a cosmopolitan city, spend the afternoon with penguins, ride a funicular to the edge of a continent, and watch the sun set from a beach with a glass of local wine in hand? From the dizzying heights of the city's iconic symbol, Table Mountain, to the rugged cliffs and wildflowers of the Cape Peninsula, you will see all the natural wonders that surround this city.3

Program 3: Garden Route and Wine Country - One of the world's most beautiful drives, the Garden Route takes you on a trek along a wild, rugged, gorgeous coastline. Surfers brave enormous waves, exotic birds watch visitors climb serpentine paths that rise above the coast, and charming seaside resort towns accommodate guests. Finally, take a visit to the heart of South America's lush wine country in the village of Franschhoek.

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