Four Great Cities II, Europe Just For Fun, A Music Lover's Europe

Four Great Cities II: We can jet to Europe in a day and visit four cities in less than a week. It’s great to take your time but sometimes you only have a day to visit. How can you be part of the international jet set and still get a taste of “old” Europe? This time Smart Travels takes viewers on a whirlwind tour of four cities that represent a bit of the old and bit of the new in Europe. Rudy shows the viewer how to get the most out of one-day visits to Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich, and Rome.
Tips on maximizing travel memories from a 24-hour stay in a European big city.

Europe Just For Fun: As today’s travelers replace the old “once-in-a-lifetime” European tour with multiple trips, many people look for another dimension in travel. Some are ready for a break from museums and historical sights in favor or a trip—or a day—just for fun. So, here’s where Rudy shares his personal picks of fun and games. Whether it’s hot-air-ballooning, mountain luge rides, golf, puppetry, amusement parks, country mazes, hiking, or just lazing on a sunny beach, there’s plenty of adventure to be found in Europe. And of course, this R&R comes well spiced with memorable meals and local libations. Here’s Rudy’s take on Europe Just For Fun.

A Music Lover’s Europe: For a totally different view of Europe, Rudy shows smart travelers how to organize a trip around a theme. Rudy discovers surprising and fresh takes on Europe as he sets out on a music lover’s tour. Winning, live performances by the Sicilian folk band Diascouri, and by Groupo Emiliano, a zany, classically-trained quartet from Emilia Romagna, are the backbone of this offbeat trip. But performance is just the start. Rudy visits folk dance groups in Sweden and Norway and delights in the classics in Italy and Austria. And everywhere, the music provides a backdrop for enthralling local scenery and engaging local stories.

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