Korea & Uzbekistan

Korea - From the bustling city of Seoul with its 10 million residents to the country's quiet countryside, Korea is a travelers paradise. With their misty mountain temples and the uber-modern cities, Koreans mix an abiding sense of history and traditions with a zeal to achieve global success in technology and other industries. Rudy Maxa samples both the delights of cosmopolitan Seoul as well as the tranquility of temples tucked into lush mountains where monks invite guests to stay overnight. And the countryside explains South Korea's other name: The Land of the Morning Calm.

Uzbekistan - In one of his series' most colorful and exotic episodes, Maxa takes viewers along the Silk Road in a country that is an emerging economy in Central Asia. Marvel at eye-popping mosques built centuries ago and impeccably restored during Soviet occupation of the country. Maxa joins a family for the preparation of the national dish, "plov" and visits the yurt of a young family living on an isolated desert plain. Explore trade-route cities whose names summon images of ancient times: Samarkand, Khiva, and Bukhara. This is a front-row seat to a country trying to balance Islam with modern society.

Two half-hour shows

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