Out of Rome, Croatia's Dalmatian Coast

Two half-hour shows featuring:

Out of Rome: We leave the eternal city behind by way of the famous Apian Way to explore the environs of Rome. First it’s the majesty of Emperor Hadrian’s villa and lakes of the Alban Hills. Next, it’s south to the ancient seaport of Ostia, Rome’s Pompeii. Along the way we sample olive oil, stop at the ancient’s favorite beach and visit a medieval hilltop town. Our own five star villa is a retreat fit for an emperor.
Tips on tasting olive oil and navigating Rome’s ring road.

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast: Europe’s best kept secret, the Croatian coast of Dalmatia dazzles with stunning white stone cities and azure waters. From the marble streets of beautiful Dubrovnik to sleepy fishing villages, we explore this dramatic coastline, sampling the wine and seafood, discovering glorious Roman art and hopping to islands and their stunning walled towns.
Tips on boating, food and island accommodations.

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