St. Petersburg, Russia & Estonia: Tallin & The Islands

Two half-hour shows featuring:

Estonia, Tallin & the Islands: The old town in the capital city of Tallin is Europe’s best-restored medieval town with streets and buildings that recall the days of the Hanseatic League but whose cafes, art galleries, hotels, and restaurants today appeal to both sophisticated as well as first-time travelers. Venture into the countryside of Estonia, to the large island of Saaremaa and the much smaller island of Muhu, where you’ll find windmills, thatch-roofed farmhouses and quiet waters. Of special interest is a candid interview with Mart Laar, the prime minister who took over a country that was an economic disaster following the withdrawal of Soviet troops and—with the help of a flat tax—turned Estonia into one of Europe’s most dynamic and forward-thinking countries.

St. Petersburg, Russia: The treasures of the Hermitage are revealed in High Definition for perhaps the first time for American television viewers. St. Petersburg—enjoying a renaissance since its favorite son, Vladimir Putin, ascended to office—is no longer the gloomy city it once was as billions of rubles pour in to restore the place to its former glory. From the splendors of Peterhof to the quiet grace of the city’s many canals, this former capital built by a czar has reclaimed its position as one of the world’s great destinations.

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